Passionate about gym, exercise and health, we decided to make improvements on a classic item of gym equipment. Having been involved in the boxing game for 20+ years, from experience personally, the not so trade secret known as the sauna suit is most definitely proven to boost results, there’s no two ways about it, these suits produce fantastic results fast. In conjunction with a disciplined exercise regime and healthy eating, sauna suits are proven very effective. For fast weight loss and defined looks and a healthy detoxed state of well being – read on…

Benefits of using a TKO Sport suit regularly:

1. Accelerated weight loss
As the suit causes your body temperature to rise, there is a corresponding rise in metabolic rate. This means that, as your core temperature rises, your body needs to work harder at bringing it down. At the same time, other body functions increase, burning up fat in order to get energy needed to do so. Exertion in the suit hones in on the fat burning zone. Whether you’re dropping weight for the next competition or just shifting some stubborn body fat, exercising in the suit accelerates the weight loss process.
2. Enhanced cardio and oxygen uptake
Research by Dr Lance C Dalleck Ph D, tested 45 18 to 60 year olds with a BMI between 25 and 40, a body fat percentage over 22% for men and 32% for women and found at the end of the trial, all exercisers saw improvements in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and total cholesterol as well as a decreased waist circumference. What was noted was that the sauna suit group saw a greater improvement in basically every key measure over those who exercised in regular clothes. For one, the sauna suit group dropped 2.6% of their body weight and 13.8% of their body fat verses the regular exercisers, who only dropped 0.9% and 8.3% respectively.

The sauna suit group also saw a greater improvement in their VO2 max (An important measure of cardiovascular endurance), increase in fat oxidation (The body’s ability to burn fat as fuel), and a greater decrease in fasting blood glucose (An important marker in diabetes and pre-diabetes).

Last but by no means least, the sauna suit group also saw an 11.4% increase in resting metabolic rate (How many calories your body burns at rest) compared to the regular exercise group which saw a 2.7% decrease.

3. Heat retention in cold weather
Here in England, winter drags. You really feel the switch into cold weather training and there’s nothing better than maintaining the higher temperatures by training in the suit. With it’s heat retaining qualities and air tight design, the TKO Sport suit is the perfect tool for winter training. It can be worn under or over regular clothes for outdoor use even when raining. It has a high-vis strip across the back to ensure safety when jogging or cycling at night. It’s the perfect item for outdoor training. Get loose and limber and more importantly, stay warm!
4. Protects and grows muscle cells
When exposed to intense heat, our body releases heat shock proteins which heat, protect and grow muscle cells. Known professionally as muscle hypertrophy, this increase in muscle cells constitutes another reason for sauna suit conditioning as this is reliant on increased heat generated through intense exercise to set the process in motion.
5. Prevents injury
Training in a sauna suit combats muscle tightness and rigidity by reducing lactic acid and muscle soreness. Because building heat builds flexibility, when your body is warm, your muscles grow more relaxed. A pliable, sauna suit enhanced state of being helps you stretch, strengthen and protect your efforts. Like all great things, the suit should be used in moderation. Length of exercise should not exceed 2 hours, while sufficient hydration both before and after workout will maximise health benefits and safeguard your hard work.
6. A great way to detox
Research suggests that sweating is a great way of detoxifying and that certain toxins actually escape the body better by means of sweat than the usual detoxification channel, i.e. the liver and kidneys. The use of a sauna suit benefits you with your body’s detoxification process by causing you to sweat more than normal when you wear it. If you imagine wringing out a dirty cloth in the sink, you keep wetting it till the dirty water is replaced with pure, clean water. Same principle.
7. Helps with water retention
Many people carry around excess water. This is known as water retention and usually sees people with the problem of feeling bloated with swollen feet and fingers. The sweating due to the suit helps with this problem.

What’s the difference compared to other suits on the market?

Unlike other vinyl suits available online, our suits are not mass produced using heat welding machines which have a tendency to cause the suits to break at the seals where stretched or repeatedly stressed. Our suits are individually hand sewn and have fully taped seams, sealed and glued for a stronger join.

Features of a TKO Sport Suit

  • Elasticated openings at cuffs, ankles and hood. (We recommend using a cap as we didn’t want an adjustable hood because the toggles have a tendency to bounce around annoyingly when running)
  • Fully waterproof with stitched and sealed seams
  • Zip with flap closure and studs at front
  • Large generous pocket at rear which is perfect for mobiles or ipods whilst on the move – you can also store the trousers here when not required
  • High viz strip – perfect for night time training, jogging and cycling etc
  • 10 exciting colours to choose
  • 4 sizes from S to XL


UK Distribution

Delivery is with Hermes on their 2-3 day tracked service. NI, Scottish Highlands and all off shores are subject to a supplement set by the carrier – for customers in these areas, we shall request the additional via paypal – it is a minimal charge.


We welcome international customers. If you cannot see the price for your location, please let us know and we will find a price for you.


Returns Policy

Our refund and returns policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have passed, we can’t offer you a full refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused in the original packaging and in the same condition that you received it.

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